Share This: What would you consider your most adored possession? That one thing you have been saving up for, for that one special occasion? What is the most valuable “something” that you hold near and dear to your heart?  Would […]

What’s in Your Alabaster Box?

As I made my way up to the ER I encounter signs that say pardon our dust we are remodeling creating a huge maze in the process. I couldn’t help but think I’ve been here so many times before, however, […]

Stand by so you don’t dismiss your blessings

Share This:     Most people are celebrating Valentine’s Day today.   This day has been set aside to celebrate your love for another. That is all good.  But why celebrate it only one day? Why not celebrate more often?   What if, […]


Share This: When most of us hear the word obey we automatically get a negative feeling.  As if someone is attempting to tell us what to do.  Almost, demanding us to submit.  However, when God requests obedience He is not […]

For His Love

Share This: Blogging has surely brought me out of my comfort zone.  It’s opened up doors that I would have never thought to look at. And it’s caused me to do things I normally wouldn’t do.  For example no longer […]

Don’t hide your smile

Share This:   Viewing the sky you can already begin to see the alluring colors in the horizon.  I followed with anticipation, capturing the transformation being created right before my eyes.  If I can only get closer, I thought.  I […]

Chasing Sunsets

Share This:   At your side I am happy. I’ve dreamed of having A love like this. That knows my value And brings me closer towards you. I have been through days and nights. Thinking without sleep. Alone I was […]


Share This: Having a new baby arrive in the family is one of the most exciting things that we can ever experience.  The arrival of this bundle of joy, causes one to forget the unwanted experiences from the past that […]

New Blessings

Share This: To know God deeply is to know him wholeheartedly.  When we desire what Jesus desires then we act how he acts.  HIS will, becomes our will.  Trust in God and unite your life with HIM and everything that […]