Not unless you Bless me

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Picture by Steinar La EnglandEveryone needs a little blessing every once in a while.  There may be times when we wonder, “where are you Lord? Where is my blessing?  As you look around you and notice people who seem happy with what they have.  It could be something big like a car, new home, spouse (yes some people want that), or even an attitude change (for the better of course). It makes you wonder, what about me Lord.  Why am I left out?  Sometimes we forget that we need to be happy with what we already have, to receive what God has for us.

I recall seeing a particular friend of mine and thinking, “wow, she just always looks so happy”.  Not that I was jealous but I was curious. I mean how could she be so happy, after all she’s been through?  The more I saw her attitude towards life, I knew it had to be Amazing.  I not only  wanted to know what it was she had, but how can I get it?  I mean who wouldn’t.  She would come in a room like there was no care in the world.  Giving everyone a high-five as soon as she saw them.   Every day, the same thing.   She was always smiling, you couldn’t help but smile too.  One day, I stopped her and asked “How is it that you are always smiling, laughing, and in such a happy mood?  What is it that keeps you going in such a positive way, that you impact others around you?”  I just couldn’t believe anyone could be “that” happy and “all” the time.   She looked at me with a huge smile on her face and said , “will you allow me to share my secret with you”?  She looked up, and I felt the love.  She said, “It’s the love I have for the Lord that keeps me going.  I haven’t slept in days, my bills are piling up but here I am thankful to God that I have life. That is what keeps me going,  I love that HE love me.” You see my friends, she is blessed not because she is different or more special than you and I, but because she was thankful, and fought for the blessings she did have.  Her view in life completely changed my perspective on things.  Her words brought enlightenment and the way she lives life brought, life to mine. We should always be thankful, never let go, and hold on tight because your blessing is coming.


You see, we get so complacent with how we think life should be,  that we forget to be thankful.  We worry about how life (according to us) should play out, knowing fully well that the Lord already knows the plans he has for us (Jeremiah 29:11).   We should be more like Jacob,  who wrestled the Lord for his blessing He held on and when the Lord said “let me go, it’s almost day break” Jacob responded, “I will NOT let you go, UNLESS you bless me.” And from that day forward, he was no longer Jacob meaning “holder of heel”, he became Israel because he fought God and he won (Genesis 32: 22-32).  From that day forward Jacob vowed serve God.  Don’t let go until your blessing comes, but just like Jacob we must vow to serve the Lord.  We must also be Honorable like Jabez.  1 Chronicles 4:9 says “o that YOU would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let YOUR hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain, and God granted his request.”  Isaiah 65:23 says we will not labor in vain, nor bear children doomed to misfortune; for they will be people blessed by the Lord. They are defendants with them.” Be ready!  Stand your ground against the enemy!  Fight for what is yours, and never let go of the promises the Lord has for you.  Have your house ready by allowing God’s presence in home and life.   Holy Spirit allow my home, and my heart to be your home.  Lord like David (2 Samuel 23:15) we want to drink of the water from the well near the gate of Bethlehem. We will stand and fight for our blessings until daybreak Lord.  And we vow to serve you, every day, with a full hearts and open minds.   Lord, what is YOUR need for me to have?

Be Blessed!!


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