R.I.P. Saying Goodbye – Sending a letter to the new me

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In the past I have always prayed for the Lord to change those around me to fit me and my plans.   I continued to press on demanding those changes on others however my situation never changed. Not once did I ever think it was me that would need altering.   It wasn’t until I replaced my prayer that I started to see results.  They were small at first, but they were results nonetheless.  How did that happen you ask? Well I simply changed my prayer from “Lord please changes those around me…” to “Lord, I haven’t seen results in my life.  What are you trying tell me?  If it’s not others around me that need to change Lord, then change me.”

By asking the Lord to change me and not my circumstances, I not only believe it has caused me to mature physically, and mentally, but spiritually as well.   I will tell you though, it has not been easy.  I was at odds with this change.  And there was a lot of discussion, argument and even resistance (on my behalf of course).  However, I knew that in order for the blessings to arrive those changes needed to take place.    There was a process of pruning (bad habits, thoughts, words, and even actions).  Did you know that your disobedience to God can block your blessings?    Well neither did I, until now.   His word explains that as a believer, you have already been blessed.  (Ephesians 1:3) Of course there will be some doing on your part.

Hebrews 1:9 says “You have loved righteousness and hate wickedness; therefore GOD, Your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy”.  There has certainly been a transformation.   And I can finally say there is a joy in my step, my thought, and my life.  God has renewed me from the inside out.   And because of this promotion of self (if you will), I have decided to write a letter from ramshackle me to the rejuvenated me.

Lakeview- Francois Fenelon quoate

Dear New Found Treasure,

Don’t look back! For what’s ahead, is far more valuable than what you have left.  You don’t have to worry for I will no longer be there to hold you back.  You will no longer hear my hostility, disapproval, or animosity towards the things in live.  I will no longer challenge your thinking, and creativity.  I will not be there to hinder your accomplishments, successes, triumphs, and properties.  There will be no more keeping you from happiness, serenity, and liveliness. And I most certainly will NO LONGER silence your voice.

What I will do is say this: ALWAYS, carry God’s presence.  Walk in the anointing of God’s Grace over your life. For HE has said in the past: What I am doing you will not understand now but you will understand later.  (John 13:7)  And later has become now.  So as you begin to understand, that HE has done a work in you, cherished treasure, remember, you are wanted, loved and far more precious than rubies.  Be a lover of God’s presence consistently!!  Like David, always spend time with HIM; Worshiping HIM, Talking to HIM, Wanting HIM, and steadily after HIS heart.  Remember that God restores everything 100 fold!  Be loving, kind, patient, and slow to anger.  Love, bless and pray for your enemies.  Pray for the needs of others as you would your own.  “The Lord confides in these who fear him, He makes his covenant known to them.”  (Psalms 25:14)

Always be the testimony, don’t tell a testimony.  Live, walk, breath, and speak HIS testimony on YOUR life.  But most of all, don’t forget you are a daughter of the true King.  Stand and take your throne!

Be Blessed!!


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