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To know God deeply is to know him wholeheartedly.  When we desire what Jesus desires then we act how he acts.  HIS will, becomes our will.  Trust in God and unite your life with HIM and everything that is HIS belongs to you.  You will be transformed from the inside out.  And people will begin to notice, there’s something different about you.  Something new, something never seen before.  Everything seems wonderful, the things that were are no more.  The things that bothered you, you won’t pay mind to anymore. They are but things that just pass you by without a second glance.  All this because we seek Him, we want to know Him more, and we let go.  As you do so things that mattered don’t matter anymore and the things that brought you joy begins to flourish.  You find beauty in everything.  My beauty is writing poems. I use to write them all the time, but then I lost my desire to do so.  But Just recently I have found my inspiration and joy.


There’s a pep in my step,

A twinkle in my eyes.

A glow that’s overflowing

because you severed my ties.

Lord, You’ve filled my heart with Gladness,

you’ve made my life brand new.

I’m a brand new person

And it’s all because of YOU!

(M.D. 12/6/16 10:30 AM)

“Clap your hands, all you nations,  shout to God with cries of JOY! ” ~Psalms 47:1~

Be Blessed!!


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