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At your side I am happy.
I’ve dreamed of having
A love like this.
That knows my value
And brings me closer towards you.
I have been through days and nights.
Thinking without sleep.
Alone I was wondering,
I was looking for who I am.

Lord, then came you
Breaking all my thick chains
You turned my nights into days.
And my soul has been filled
of your love and your peace
Then came you.
Already no more passing days waiting
For the old things yet to come,
Because then came you.

My sins have covered,
My pain you have decreased,
And even my grudge has gone.
Lord you have taken over my life
Regardless of what I’ve done,
No matter what whom I was,
And You didn’t care who I am.

And Since you came.
I don’t care about the passing years.
Because I can still remember
That day when I met you.

~ 1/9/17 4:30 PM ~

Be Blessed!!


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