Chasing Sunsets

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On my way home I was immediately drawn to the beautiful painting the Lord had just for me.


Viewing the sky you can already begin to see the alluring colors in the horizon.  I followed with anticipation, capturing the transformation being created right before my eyes.  If I can only get closer, I thought.  I wanted to see it better.  But I didn’t just want to see it I wanted to experience it.  The closer I got, the more I wanted to see.  And the more I wanted to see, the closer I got.  Encountering the Beauty that only God can create.  The excitement that only He can make you feel.  I was chasing the sunset.  Admiring as the colors change right before my eyes.  I kept driving ready for my encounter. Then fear set in. And all of a sudden I felt lost  and alone. Not knowing where I was or where I was heading. I can see the sunset at a distance but I couldn’t keep my eyes on it. I was distracted by my fear of the unknown. And I begin to head back to what I knew.  That place that felt familiar.

Glimpsing back through my rear view mirror, I embarked on the most beautiful showcase of color glowing at a distance.  The fading sun submerged in the horizon of the city as the sky lit up the red heavens. I was unable to admire its beauty, as I attempting to fix my attention on the road ahead. That very thing I went chasing for was slowly disappearing before my eyes. When I finally decide to follow my heart, I turned around to seek again, but I was too late.  The artistry God had created was gone with a blink of an eye and all that was left was the residue of the lights swallowed by darkness.  


We can was sometimes become distracted by fear of the unknown. And be so determined go along with, or head back to what has been laid before us that we miss that which we’ve been anticipating on.  We miss that very thing we have been so anxiously looking forward to.  We spend so much time chasing what we deserve, and we search so hard for it.  That when we make it so close, we allow fear and doubt to settle in and take that from us.  We lack the faith to that permits us to move without dismay.  Joshua 1:9 says we are not made to be afraid, fearful, or discouraged.  God made us courageous and we should know that he is always with us.  


So next time you are faced with a situation,where you’re not sure if you should press forward, press forward anyway. Do not to allow fear to cause you to turn back to where you have been, because you may miss out on what’s ahead.  Chances that the very thing you lack, needed, or desired is worth pushing through your fears and uncertainties. (1/20/17 4:27)

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Be Blessed!! 


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2 thoughts on “Chasing Sunsets

  • Summer Overstreet

    This is a very beautiful and challenging post, Maria. I am usually one to stay within familiar territory, yet I find that I do not experience God in nearly the same way as I do when I am walking in the unknown. I do not want to miss His perfect plan for me because of fear. I will start looking for my “sun set” moments more often!

    • Malena Post author

      I’m glad you have accepted the challenge. 🙂 You’ll find that there is a lot more sunsets than none, and each more beautiful than the one before. Be blessed!