Don’t hide your smile

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Blogging has surely brought me out of my comfort zone.  It’s opened up doors that I would have never thought to look at. And it’s caused me to do things I normally wouldn’t do.  For example no longer writing just for myself, and allowing you, my friends, to experience what I have to say.  I recalled watching a photographer ask his subject, “what makes you happy?”  She looks at him with a puzzled look as she tries to think.  Then he asks again, “what makes you smile?  Think of that and project that feeling.”  I do not know what made her smile but she was beaming.  I try to imagine she began to think of all the wonderful things she loves, because she got though the rest of shots flawlessly as he was trying to make her  “smile for the camera”God”.

I began to reflect in my life and wondered what a clever way to make someone smile naturally.  I began thinking  what makes Me smile?  I thought of my children because there is always some happy moment you can remember about your kids that make you smile.  And for  an instant I began to recalled all the happy thoughts I could gather from those times.  And yes… I smiled.  But just like happy moments make you smile from ear to ear.  There is always a moment  that takes your smile away.  My smile began to frown a bit as I remembered my children have grown up so fast and married or moved away.  Or in my young one’s case living at home but doing her own thing.  That made me miss the little moments we had full of laughter and joy.  Those silly moments when they did things that made you laugh when you were suppose to smile.  I raised my children well, so I know it’s not because of me.  So it has to be part of life.  Those children eventually grow up, move out, get married.  So as a parent you begin to miss those moments and nostalgia creeps in, sometimes in form of sadness, and there went my smile.  I know my thoughts do not reflect my sadness, however in my inside I was feeling it.  Even now as I write, those memories and mixed feelings creep in.  All the while I was thinking, “don’t loose your smile.”

When you choose to follow God, there is this shine.  This ray of light that comes through you, your SMILE.   You may not notice it but people around you do.  In Matthew 5:16 it talks about letting the “light shine so they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.” People notice there is something different about you.  And it’s not the way you walk, or your look, or the clothes you wear.   It’s His light shining in you! You begin to smile towards everyone and about anything.  Why because you are full of what’s good and that what makes you happy.

But every once in a while, you may get distracted.  Your smile (God’s light) begins fade away.  But that just isn’t me, you may add.   I’m happy regardless, you say.  That was exactly what I thought. And suddenly my smile was gone.   Do you know that the closer you are to God and the deeper you are in his word, the better warrior against the darkness you become?  There,s always something, situations, circumstances trying to steal your Glory.  But be that fearless warrior, stand your ground, Known his word, read it, breathe it, walk in it and be it.   Remember that his word promises say:

He will deliver us Isaiah 58:6

He will set you free. John 8:36

He is your shelter and strong tower from the enemy Psalms 61:3

He will quench your thirst and bless you Isaiah 44:3

Don’t lose your smile, it’s worth a thousand word.


Be Blessed!!


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