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Most people are celebrating Valentine’s Day today.   This day has been set aside to celebrate your love for another. That is all good.  But why celebrate it only one day? Why not celebrate more often?   What if, I told you EVERY DAY can be Valentine’s Day?

Luke 1:44 “As soon as the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy”

This is exactly how God feels when he knows you want to know him.  He leaps with joy!  All he has to do is hear you and His heart begins to race.  He wears the smile YOU give Him daily when you walk with him.  Did you know he thinks about you day and night?  He does!! You are constantly on his mind.  He wants to care for you, love you and protect you.   We often long for someone to love and who would love us back.  We want someone who is going to be there for us and do special things to show their love for us.  Yet He’s been here all along.  All you have to do is say YES!!  What are you waiting for? Say yes and accept him into your life.  Say yes to His protection, his wisdom, his knowledge.  Better yet, say Yes to His everlasting love!

Don’t depend on a day that someone else set aside a day so you can express to the world how you feel.    So go on proclaim God’s Love for you and yours to Him daily.  

Be Blessed !!


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