Stand by so you don’t dismiss your blessings

As I made my way up to the ER I encounter signs that say pardon our dust we are remodeling creating a huge maze in the process. I couldn’t help but think I’ve been here so many times before, however, it still feels unfamiliar.

I register and triage and as I am being escorted to the internal waiting area.  I make my way and find a chair and take a seat. I, like others here, begin to look anxious as the waiting time gets longer and longer. Every nurse, doctor, or  attendant that walks by, I can’t help but think “is it me you want? Take me! Me next! Impatience begins to set it, and I just want to get up and leave.  All the while thoughts go through my mind. Thoughts like; “What’s taking them so long! Why haven’t they called me? Don’t they know I’m Not feeling well? And I want to get seen now!”  I could heard my inner voice standing up and practically yelling to the top of my lungs (not really but it sure felt like it). But I continue to sit there “patiently” waiting.

Then from around the corner I see a woman being wheeled in. She looks like she’s in a lot of pain. You know that chart with the faces that they have posted at the hospital wall that says where is your pain on a scale of 1-10. She was well more than a 10. Then my focus seems to shift from me to that poor soul in the hallway. As my focus shifts so do my thoughts; “Why doesn’t anyone come take her? Obviously, something is really wrong, she can barely stand or move”.   My heart was breaking for her, she was crying in so much pain. After waiting for a very long time I see her being assisted out by another patient. I thought she was going to women room but I later found out she had actually left. She just walked out! She did not wait for someone to take care of her and make her better.  You see, her appendix had ruptured and the pain she felt was more than she could bear.  And her impatience, may have caused her life.  A few minutes later a nurse came calling for her.

As I sat here waiting for my turn and suddenly, God brings to my memory… there’s a process for everything you do. And in order for something to get done properly. The process at the ER was, the most emergent cases go first, those are the ones that need more TLC but take a little more time to prepare for.  There is more things to test to make sure the correct illness is being taken care of in order to treat the problem and not just the pain.  Then the not so emergent are those that may just need a boost.  something to help take care of the symptoms to clear out the condition.

In a sense, God works the same way. It seems he is taking his time to “get us something for the pain.” But it’s because he is working out a plan not just minimize the pain but to heal you completely. If not solved correctly,  you’ll have to return to do it again. And you wait longer in the process.   What ever your circumstance, allow it to go through the process. Don’t be impatient, wanting things to be done right this minute. Sometimes the most severe situations are the ones that take longer because they need the most TLC.  Just like in the ER.  We wait and go through different test, to see what the root of the problem is.  And sometimes, more times than none,  waiting is worth your while. What you wait to receive from the Father, is to prepare you to work and adjust to your calling that He has in your life.  If you give up to soon, you miss the healing that was right around the corner.
“Waiting does not diminish us, any more than waiting diminishes a pregnant mother. We are enlarged in the waiting. We of course, do not see what is enlarging us. But the longer we wait, the longer we become, and the more joyful our expectancy.” ~Romans 8:24-25~

We don’t need to understand what He is doing in. We just need to trust Him and allow it to be done. Just know that he is able to do and will do whatever He needs to be done in order to get you healed. Aren’t you tired of being sick more often than you should? The good thing is that we will not always need some healing. But we may need to a “boost” every once in a while.
How many times in real life are we like this woman? We simply just give up right before the healing response begins. I know I have.  What I learned from this was not to go in expecting one thing and when those expectations are not met, decide to get up and leave. Because then you will realize that the minute you step away, your healing was about to show up.

So be patient and don’t allow the symptoms of your circumstance to take over your judgment.

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Be Blessed!


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