What’s in Your Alabaster Box?

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What would you consider your most adored possession? That one thing you have been saving up for, for that one special occasion? What is the most valuable “something” that you hold near and dear to your heart?  Would you be willing to part with it at any given time?


For me, I must say, my most valued possession are my children. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for them. They are priceless to me.  Nothing compares and I wouldn’t trade them for all the money in the world.  I’m sure you are thinking, well everyone would say that.  Family, of course, because our children have to be our most valued possession.  However, my most valued possession may not be yours. Especially for those of you whom don’t have children.  But, it could be anything.  It could be a person (people) like family for example.  Or a thing like a car, jewels, or building. Even something like a baseball card.   It can even be physical, like your worries, your thoughts, even your life.  


In Matthew 26:7 a woman whose name is not mentioned comes to Jesus, while he is at Bethany having dinner as a guest of Simon the Leper.  As she walks by past all the disciples, she positions herself in front of Jesus and proceeded to break her alabaster box and pours the perfume at his feet.

A little history on the alabaster.  It is found and named after a city near Egypt, Abaston.  It was made from white stone to store perfume.  Alabaster was said to be the best and most expensive materials found.  It was worth lots of money. And for most who owned one it was not customary to just break one simply because you felt like it. The perfume was sealed inside this alabaster box and the woman had to break the tip to reveal the perfume inside it.  But once broken it couldn’t be resealed.  So you had to be more than certain that you wanted to do this.  Back then women would hold on to these alabaster boxes until that special occasion.

So you could only imagine the look on the other people’s faces when this woman prostrated at Jesus feet,  decided to pour her most valued possession on to his feet.  She was not only frowned on but  ridiculed and scorned.  The disciples were furious at her actions.  Not so much because she had run in and interrupted their dinner,  But more so because she had wasted precious perfume on such useless occasion.  According to them she could have sold it for  a lot of money and fed the poor.  But to this woman, her most valuable possession was more than worth anointing the one who came to save her.    You see she knew that Jesus was worth more than what was in her most valuable possession.  More than anything she could ever own. And although she may not have it again, her most prized possessions, her soul, even her life ware worth being near him, and having him with her.   She was willing to leave it at his feet, allowing Him to be at the core of her life.

You see, the disciples were way too busy worrying about what she had done. They placed so much value on the box, that they forgot to enjoy His presence.  They had become so accustomed to having Him around, that they dismissed His worth.  They lost focus on who He was and what He had done for them, that they allowed the petty little things to cause them to be distracted away from Him.


So tell me… what’s in your Alabaster box? Are you too busy allowing others to distract you from who your mind is supposed to be focused on (God)?  Or are you simply so accustomed to feeling Him with you all the time, that you forgot what, the first time he touched your soul? Or perhaps, you have place value on something or someone else?  

If so, simply refocus where your value is now to where it’s suppose to be. Renew your mind and redirect your heart to the one whom is worth it, GOD.


If you feel you are this person is you, and you would like to adjust your focus?  If so, let’s pray together for a renewed mind:

Papa God,  I know there have been times when our focus isn’t on you, where it should be.  Please help us to renew and redirect our hearts, thoughts, and minds to be centered with you and your word, Papa.  When ever our thoughts begin to wonder, prompt us with a reminder of who we are in you.  We want to be like that woman with the Alabaster box, who took her most valued possession to anoint you. Not caring what other would think, because she knew who you are.  She knew  Your value.  


Papa God, give us the patience of Job, meekness of Moses, a heart like David’s, the favor of Joseph, the ear of Samuel, the courage of Joshua, the wisdom of Daniel, the zeal of Peter, the love of John,  the faithfulness of Abraham, and the boldness of Paul.  We pray that you are first in everything we do, and that we have no priority greater than you.  Order our steps and design our days as your will.   Amen


So, what’s in your Alabaster box?  What is God’s presence worth to you?  


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Be Blessed!


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4 thoughts on “What’s in Your Alabaster Box?

  • LeNae

    Wonderful, she brought her most prized possession to Jesus and embraced His presence. Would I be willing to do the same? I would love to say yes, but sometimes I am not sure. I will pray the prayer you provided for He alone is worthy!

    • Malena Post author

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post Ms. LeNae. And Yes, He is worthy! And only the Holy Spirit can guide us to make the right choices. I pray thatb our no becomes yes and our uncertainties become more clear. But most of all I pray the Holy Spirt continues to guide your path. Be Blessed sister! And thank you once again for stopping buy. It’s always a delight to here form my readers. Be Blessed!!

  • debbie

    I have never thought about it in this way before and not certain what my answer would be. My children are precious as well as my grandchild, but my relationship with my husband is where I am at in my life now. I am blessed that as I committed to 40 days of devotions which absolutely pushed me to daily and intense time in His presence, I have the sweet support of my husband…everything I normally get done is not always getting done because this comes first. Did I break my alabaster jar? Probably not, but I feel like at least I am on a journey to His presence that will provide the opportunity to spill out my worship in a fresh, fragrant and extravagant way. Thank you for sharing your heart on this.

    • Malena Post author

      First I would like to apologize. I know I had replied before, my computer has been acting up so it must not have posted. And I want to personally thank you for taking time to read my post. I finally got my computer going, so I will make sure it goes through this time.

      Ms. Debbie, I must say, I’m so excited for you and your journey to His presence! There is no right or wrong time to pour your most valuable possession at his feet. And the value in your alabaster box, and when the time comes to pour it out is different for everyone. Just because it’s coming from you, his princess, he will receive it with lots of arms wide open and lots of love. Be blessed!!