My Journey




I grew up in a stable Catholic home.  My dad has always shown us that God comes first.  As for me, I have always had a tremendous love for the Lord.  However, the older I became the more I began to feel out-of-place in church. At the time I was attending church not because I “wanted to” but because I “had to”.  Yet I still felt a yearning to get closer to God, I just didn’t know how.  Forward a few years… I eventually married, and had children.  And my inclination to seek and know more of God began to diminish.  Like many born again Christians, my life began to spiral and had a negative effect on my life.   I was no longer married, wasn’t attending church,  and as a matter of fact everything and everyone else came first in my life, except God.  My priorities were all over the place except where they needed to be.  I began to go places and do things my friends would do just to fit in. But even then, there was a sense of not belonging.  I wanted to be loved, and not the love you get from other people, even though at the time I didn’t know it.  Although I don’t have a dramatic story about being saved, it’s not like I woke up one morning and felt the love I was missing. No.  But I do know that by the Grace of God he brought people in my life to bring me back to HIM. There were those who planted seeds, others who helped that seed grow, and yet others to nourish it.  You see, I was like you, I am like you. We all have a story and I am far from perfect, because let’s face it, no one is perfect.  (Except GOD)


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